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t▓hat from 1992 to 2002, the average height of male children six years of age in China's urban areas increased by 4.9 centimeters. By 2012, the av▓erage had increased by a further 3.7 centimeters▓, to reach an average height of 1.2 meters.Supporters of the height-based policy say that it is more convenient, as checking the age of a child is a time-wasting process.According to Chen Guangjin, a director at the I▓nstitute of Soci


ology at Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, both height and age-based ▓policies have their own advantages."If ticket providers continue to use height as their criterion, the standard line should be cons▓tantly adjusted based on the increasing average height of Chines


e children. And age is to pl▓ay a role, an ID for children can be promote▓d in the same way as China's senior citizen ▓ID card model. The move may increase social security costs, but is more conducive to protecting the legitimate rights of children," said Chen.Please scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramP▓lease scan the Q


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